2 Jewelry Problems that Need Fixing

boxes of jewelry

All types of tangible investment require upkeep. From your house to your car, it is an accepted fact that your financial obligation to these assets does not end after purchase. The same goes for your set of jewelry. After all, these knickknacks are not just girls’ best friend. They can also be honest-to-goodness investment from which you can expect monetary gain should you decide to sell.

For starters, there are two common jewelry concerns that require immediate action from your trusted jewelry repair experts in Utah. They are as follows:


If you have noticed that your jewelry set of gold has lost its sheen, it means that your body’s natural oil, the cosmetics you apply on a daily basis, or normal wear from constant use, have finally caught up with it. This is nothing to fret about, however.

You can try to remedy this concern by going the DIY route, using simple home implements such as a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing soap. Should this prove ineffective, it is most recommended that you take your jewelry set to an expert who will have a more advanced and reliable solution.

Loose stones

Loose stones in jewelry pieces pose two problems. First: wearing them can prove rather uncomfortable, given how you will most likely be worrying about losing a precious stone or two from your ring or necklace throughout the time you are wearing them. Second: you can actually lose a precious stone or two, which is unnecessary.

The only way to get over this is to have an expert work their magic on your prized pieces. Sure, you can always DIY with glue and whatnot, but still, your wisest bet is getting a professional’s help, especially in cases of immensely valuable assets.

Whether you wear them often or they spend more time in a box in your closet, your jewelry pieces deserve the same attention and care you afford your other valued properties. If they don’t look their best, do not think twice and have them fixed.