2 Trends You Must Know Before Ordering Concrete Construction Supplies

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Top manufacturers are developing high-quality concrete construction supplies to meet the constant demand for durable materials. Still, more technologies are coming up each year to advance the movement for better products, optimal usage, and sturdy structures.

Form Direct cites two of the top trends in concrete construction supplies industry that you should know before placing your next order.

Ultrathin White Topping

Typically, UTW projects require you to first mill and clean an existing surface or blast it with appropriate abrasive media. You will also need to do concrete overlaying. You can use conventional materials here, but make sure the concrete has cured well before milling the surface and applying bitumen in preparation for UTW topping to complete the paving process.

One primary advantage of using UTW topping is that you will use fewer materials to create an equally durable surface, making it a more cost-effective option.

Spun Concrete

You cannot overemphasise the importance of using recommended concrete formulas for high column strength. The strength of your building depends on the strength of the columns you use. But that should not mean you will have to compromise the size and free movement in interior spaces by using large columns.

To achieve high load-bearing capacities while still minimising the size of the columns, top manufacturers advise that you pre-stress columns by using appropriate reinforcement ratios and spinning the concrete in moulds at 600rpm for 10 minutes. Leave it to set for up to 16 hours before curing the column and using them. These spun concrete columns are so dense that even a 70-cm-diameter column can have a load-bearing capacity of 360 tons.

Other than these two, there are other trends in the concrete construction industry, all of which you should be aware of. That way, you will make informed decisions on the concrete construction supplies that will best meet your building needs.