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Travelling: Private Airport Transport vs. Car Hire

April 13, 2017

Time is gold — and this old saying is especially true for travellers. Whether you are on a holiday or an important business meeting, sticking to your itinerary without the mishaps should be the ultimate […]

Marine Construction

When You Need Marine Construction Experts

April 7, 2017

If you’re thinking about building a bridge, you’ll need to consider many variables to complete the construction. If the bridge is over a waterway, you need to consult an expert in marine construction to get […]

first time traveler

A Handy Guide for Travel Newbies

April 4, 2017

If you have not travelled outside the country – or even your city – the prospect of wandering in unfamiliar places might seem daunting. Then again, if people were too scared to go off where […]

Sleeping Myths

Sleep Myths Are Bad for Bedtime

April 3, 2017

Many of our lifestyle habits have myths attached to them, and sleep is no exception to that. We have all heard of sleep-inducing methods like counting sheep, but its effects have been dubious at best, […]

samsung galaxy s phone

Samsung Reveals Screen-tastic Galaxy S8

April 1, 2017

From the quite-literal ashes of the Note 7, Samsung seeks to redeem its charred image with the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+. We attended Samsung’s launch event in New York City to get a feel […]