boxes of jewelry

2 Jewelry Problems that Need Fixing

March 22, 2018

All types of tangible investment require upkeep. From your house to your car, it is an accepted fact that your financial obligation to these assets does not end after purchase. The same goes for your […]

water droplet splash

Preparing for Day Zero in Australia

March 21, 2018

Day Zero is a dreaded concept not only in Cape Town, South Africa. Australian cities are also preparing for the day water runs out. While there is still hope, it wouldn’t be a bad thing […]

Criminal detectives at work

Possible Career Paths in Criminal Investigation

March 15, 2018

Fighting crime as a criminal investigator is not as exciting as being a superhero. However, it is more realistic and achievable. In fact, any high school graduate can become a crime fighter. Of course, it […]