3 Common Types of Steel Suitable for Various Industry Applications

A pile of steel in various shapes and sizesWhen looking for steel for sale from firms such as Wasatch Steel, most people go with the knowledge of steel as a metal. Steel is a carbon-iron alloy. It is the different amounts of carbon and iron that go into the alloy determine the chemical composition of the steel and hence its grade.

Types of steel vary in their physical properties and chemical structure. These include:

Tool Steel

It is a hard type of steel that is resistant to heat and scrape. It is useful in making tools such as metal cutting and metal stamping tools, hence the name tool steel. Tool steel is also available in different grades. A higher degree makes stronger tools than tool steel of a lower grade.

Carbon Steel

It has a dull appearance and is highly prone to corrosion. Carbon steel falls into three categories: low, medium, and high carbon steel. The categorizing is dependent on the amount of carbon in the steel. Low carbon steel contains about 0.3% of carbon.

Medium carbon steel, besides having a higher amount of carbon than low carbon steel, it has other alloys such as manganese. High carbon steel contains the highest amount of carbon, which makes it the strongest of the three.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most familiar type of steel among many people. It has a shiny appearance and is corrosion resistant. Thus, it finds its application in home appliances. Stainless steel has low carbon content and contains alloys such as molybdenum and chromium.

Stainless steel is sturdy, thus making it the most versatile type of steel.

It is of great importance you understand the different types of steel in the market when looking for steel for sale. The difference in their structure and strength makes them suitable for various industrial applications.

Most importantly, purchase your steel products from a reputable supplier to ensure you get high-quality products.