3 Easy Steps to Increase Your Website’s Page Load Speed

Person waiting for a website to load

Do you know the single aspect that has the power to reduce your conversion rates and dismiss your site traffic? Slow page speed. It doesn’t really matter if your content marketing tactic is highly developed. A slow loading website will make your customers leave as soon as they enter it. Keep in mind that a mere second delay can cause 11 percent fewer page views and a 16 percent descent in consumer approval.

With the help of professional website design in Denver, conduct these fast and easy tweaks to make your website load quicker.

1. Optimize Photos

If you want to improve your written content, you must upload high-resolution, high-quality photos. For each landing page, static page, and blog post, visual content helps tell the story that you’re trying to convey. However, you have to be cautious, for they come in massive sizes that can slow down your site. Resolve this issue by:

  • Resizing and cropping the images using a photo editing software
  • Compressing your photos using free image compression tools, such as TinyPNG (The site will reduce the file size without reducing image quality.)

Consider doing these steps on every image on your website. Analyze your page load speed and assess if your website loads faster or slower.

2. Enable Compression

Some websites have already installed file compression tools. If you’re unsure, double check that you enabled this feature. Simply turn this feature on to lower file size by more than 50 percent.

3. Minify Your Code

You might not have noticed it before, but the current trend now is “go smaller, load faster”. As you analyze the speed of your site, suggestions will come up asking you to minify HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript. Minifying is the method of pairing down the size of the file by removing anything unnecessary without causing an impact on the functionality or look of your site.

Page speed can make or break your brand, particularly with the short attention span of consumers these days. Ensure that they stay on your site by maintaining well-optimized pages.