3 Things You Shouldn’t Pour Down Your Kitchen Sink

A Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink is not a bottomless pit. Whatever you pour down there does not always go out of your house. Some remain, and some can even damage your pipes, leaving you with more trouble.

Here are three things you should not pour down the kitchen sink.

Used oil and grease

Cooking grease, used motor oil, any kind of oil really – these are some of the worst things you can pour down the drain. These things leave residue and sometimes even get stuck in the pipes, which can eventually damage them.

While you can always pour down some DIY solutions and chemical cleaning products to “get rid” of them the second time around, these can also be damaging that you will soon need professional water damage repair services in Salt Lake City.

Pasta, rice, or any type of grain

It is very tempting to throw everything down the garbage disposal, right? However, even a single strand of spaghetti down the drain can wreak havoc. Imagine if you throw down an entire pan of bad pasta or risotto. Just add water and you will have a clogged drain in no time.

Those produce stickers

Those produce stickers can be quite annoying, yes, but they will only be more of a nuisance if you throw them down your sink. They can easily get stuck along with the other things you pour down there. Make sure you have some filters and screens installed in your sink to catch these itsy-bitsy produce stickers.

Just because you do not see what’s inside your pipes does not mean nothing is there. To prevent emergency plumbing services and other plumbing problems and worse, water damage, do not make it a habit to dump things in your kitchen sink. Take that extra effort to dispose of them the right way.