5 Under Eye Concealer Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Right Now

Woman applying under eye concealer

There are times when even a good night’s sleep can’t hide that dark under eye circles—thank God there’s concealer. However, unless you use your concealer right, you could end up making your dark circles more pronounced. Don’t fret, below are five common under eye concealer mistakes you’re probably making, and how you could correct them.

Not Prepping

The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate, so it’s vital that you keep it hydrated. If you don’t have an eye cream, any gentle face serum or cream will do. After patting your cream or serum, only then should you apply your luminizing concealer.

Not Using The Right Shade

Put simply, your concealer must be the same shade as your foundation, or just a tad lighter, and no more since it’s meant for concealing dark circles, and a shade too dark or too light would highlight them instead of concealing them.

Not Using The Right Type of Concealer

Liquid, mousse, or light cream variations are best for the under eye area since most cream concealers are too thick so it would look cakey and settle into your fine lines.  If you find your concealer too thick, you could make it lighter by combining it with a bit of dry oil, serum, or lightweight moisturizer before applying it.

Not Using Color Correction

If you have dark circles, a regular concealer won’t do the trick. So before applying your concealer, neutralize the dark hue with the appropriate color. If your dark circles are purplish or bluish, use a pink corrector. If they have a reddish tint, opt for a green corrector, or if they have yellow spots, go with a purple corrector. And if you have especially dark pigmentation, use a yellow corrector.

Not Setting It Properly

You should always set your concealer with loose powder, or it might be gone before you even go out the door. Setting it would likewise prevent it from setting in your fine lines. If you have an especially dry under eye area and have issues with cracking or caking when using powder, go with a super lightweight powder formulation and don’t put on too much. And don’t forget to hydrate first!

There you have it, common under eye concealer mistakes that you should avoid. So whether you have naturally dark under eye circles, worked late into the night, or just partied too hard, you now know what to do.