5 Ways to Give Your Terracotta Pots a Beautiful Makeover

a woman gardening

Terracotta pots are undoubtedly a home gardener’s most essential tool. These can be excellent containers for almost everything — herbs, annuals, seedlings, perennials, vines, and shrubs. Moreover, they come in different sizes to suit the different needs of garden plants.

While terracotta garden pots are naturally charming and simple, some people tend to find these garden staple as boring. The good news is, as Authentic Provence explains, there are many ways to make these pots more beautiful and interesting. Here are some ways to give them a makeover:

Spray some color

Spray painting is the easiest way to give your terracotta a new-look. A pop of pastel colors, for instance, can turn your pot from boring to stunning. You can also use painters tape if you want to make patterns. After letting the paint dry, apply clear acrylic sealant to protect the paint.

Paint it gold

Upgrade your pot by dipping half of it in gold paint. Let the paint dry and then seal it with clear acrylic. Leave it overnight to dry before planting your greens. Now you have a classy-looking pot that looks expensive. That extra shine will make your pot stand out.

Lace it up

A simple lace can turn your plant container into a pretty centerpiece for your table. Use a fabric glue to set the lace on the desired part of the pot. Once the lace is glued, brush another layer of glue to secure it in place. Bonus: You can also use colorful and printed fabrics for a more interesting look.

Mark it permanently

White paint and permanent marker might be all you need to transform your pot. Paint your pot white and let it dry. Grab your marker and make patterns. Feel free to doodle and sketch to give your planter a more personalized look.

Arrange them

You don’t always have to cover or paint your planter to make it look beautiful. You can set them up together to make interesting arrangements. Use different sizes of terracotta and stack them to form layers for different plants or arrange small pots around a bigger one.

Take note that there are no rules here. All you need is a little imagination and creativity to give your terracotta pots a winning makeover.