A Good Enough Reason to Invest in Quality Shelving Solutions


Warehouses rely heavily on shelving and racking systems. These storage solutions allow businesses to store products and items in an organised manner. There are many storage solutions out there, but it’s best to invest in quality shelves and racks up front, seeing that they play an important role in maintaining the orderly operations of businesses that use storage and warehousing.

However, there is a much more important reason for investing in high-quality storage shelving solutions and that is to keep your employees safe and protected from possible injuries.

Appropriate use

Damaged or inappropriate storage systems are some of the causes of warehouse accidents. Poor work practices also add to the likelihood of accidents happening. Therefore, you need to train your employees in the proper use shelving and storage solution and make sure that they follow procedures religiously. An integral part of safe storage is making certain that the shelves and racks only carry what their specified rated capacity is. Overloading is a common practice that is often overlooked as a hazard.

Ensuring that shelving and racking specifications meet your intended applications

You need to ensure that the design of the shelving solution can handle the specific dimensions and weights of the items you intend to store on them. Just as important is setting up the storage systems based on the manufacturer’s instructions; if you’re unsure about how to do this, it’s best to get specialists advice. Getting industry help ensures that you get the right storage solution set up correctly.

Proper spacing and layout

Keep in mind the compatibility of the shelving and racking systems’ layout with your material handling equipment and machines. For instance, you need to set up the storage containers in such a way that equipment operators can easily manoeuvre lifts.

Furthermore, the set-up of these storage solutions should take into consideration manual handling procedures, sufficient lighting, and emergency access.

As long as everyone keeps these safety procedures in mind, then everyone in your warehouse can keep working in an efficient and safe environment.