A Guide to Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Keeping your most meaningful and beautiful pieces of jewelry inside a box is a great way to store your collection. Still, is this the best way to treat your beautiful (and probably expensive) collection? Jewelers in Salt Lake City such as AAA Jewelers know that most people often forget to take care of their collection, causing its value to drop exponentially.

With that in mind, here are common mistakes that you can avoid.

Neglecting to Clean Your Jewelry

Although it’s ideal to take your jewelry to a professional to have it cleaned, it’s always best to clean it as frequently as you can. Dirt and grime tend to be stuck on your rings over time. Using a microfiber cloth to clean your jewelry gently is a great way to maintain its look. You can use a mixture of soap and water to clean any of your platinum or gold jewelry. You may want to use a soft-bristle toothbrush to help remove any buildup.

Wearing Jewelry in the Shower

Although wearing jewelry in the pool won’t immediately damage your jewelry, doing it on a regular basis can cause it to rust. According to Good Housekeeping, shampoo and conditioner can be stuck in your jewelry, which may damage the metal over time.

Neglecting to do Any Research about the Purchase

Certain pieces are delicate to handle. Gems like turquoise, opal, and peridot require gentle care. Hence, it’s always best to think critically before buying any jewelry.

Just like everything else, your jewelry needs to be adequately maintained. It’s essential to do some research about the jewelry that you want. That way, you’ll know how to take care of your jewels.