Adoption Options for LGBT Couples

Gay couple with children

There are many challenges faced by LGBT couples. Among the toughest ones is parenting. The two primary options for LGBT couples who wish to be parents are surrogacy and adoption. Adoption is a better, inexpensive and more accessible option for most couples.

There are still states that do not approve adoption for LGBT couples, but most now have equality in sexual orientation. There are various LGBT adoption options Albuquerque family law attorneys will help you successfully navigate. Here are the common ones.

Single-Parent Adoption

This adoption is available for single LGBT individuals who want to become parents. Though not very common, it is the easiest to navigate. In this adoption, the single parent becomes the sole legal guardian of the child.

Second- and Step-Parent Adoptions

Second parent adoptions are available for couples in which one partner has legally adopted a child. If the partner wishes to become part of the child’s life and make decisions for them, the legal guardian can allow them equal rights in the child’s life through a formal adoption.

Step-parent adoption works in a similar manner as second-parent adoption, but in this instance, the partners have to be legally married to the original parent to share parental rights.

Joint Adoption

This adoption gives LGBT couples equal legal rights in a child’s life once the process is complete. This is the most prevalent form of adoption for LGBT couples. Most states, however, only allow joint adoption for legally married couples.

All the above routes lead to adoption for LGBT couples. Before embarking on adoption, however, sit down with a family lawyer and evaluate the best option for you. This will be primarily influenced by your marital status and state laws or in international adoption, a country’s laws.

Even though the world is more tolerant of LGBT couples nowadays, adoption is still not an easy feat for you. Ensure you pick a seasoned lawyer to handle your adoption.