An Insight into the Main Materials Used For External Louvres

A woman looking out a louvre window

Louvre windows are the popular choice for most modern constructions. They are versatile and stylish, and they naturally ventilate a building’s interior. They also come in a wide variety of configurations and sizes to conform to different door and window sizes.

Louvres are the easiest to clean from inside and are hence the primary choice for windows on multi-story buildings. External louvres comprise horizontal pieces of different materials fitted into your windows’ and doors’ frames. Here are some conventional materials used for louvres.


According to, the main reason most property owners pick glass louvres is their modern aesthetic appeal. Another critical benefit of glass louvres is that they are energy-efficient. They reduce your building’s heat dissipation and minimise the need for air conditioning and fans. You can get opaque or frosted louvres to maintain your privacy.


Aluminium louvres are eco-friendly. This metal is 100 % recyclable. It neither rusts nor corrodes and can therefore withstand weather elements. It is also a flexible material that can be designed to match any building’s needs. However, aluminium louvres might not be the best choice in cold climates as the metal is a superb thermal conductor. You will lose more heat through your louvre frames.


Wood makes a durable louvre once treated. It can easily blend in with different architectural designs, making it versatile. Although, wooden louvres are susceptible to damage from moisture and extreme temperatures. They need regular varnish and paint application to keep them in good shape.


Plastic louvres are an economical and low-maintenance option. They, however, have a limited colour selection and are not as durable as other materials.

Typically fitted with security screens, fly screens and sunscreens for extra protection, louvre windows are the ideal style for windows and doors in buildings with a casual, classical or ornate look. So the next time you choose between the many window types for a construction project, consider louvre windows.