Divorce lawyer talking to couple divorcing

Common Mistakes that People Make During a Divorce

October 3, 2018

Sometimes, marriage doesn’t turn out the way you want it to. Thus, most couples immediately reach out to family lawyers in Colorado Springs for legal guidance and representation. However, even before the divorce proceedings can […]


The Surveillance Techniques Private Investigators Use

September 17, 2018

Being a competent private investigator requires a thorough understanding of three primary competencies. These include interviewing, records research, and surveillance. Among these, surveillance is typically the hardest one for most PIs to navigate successfully. Surveillance […]

woman discussing her will to her lawyer

Primary Forms of Probate Bonds

September 11, 2018

Death is an inevitable end for everyone. Most people spend a significant portion of their life accumulating property, but few have provisions for their estate after death. This leaves the family of the deceased with […]

Gay couple with children

Adoption Options for LGBT Couples

August 2, 2018

There are many challenges faced by LGBT couples. Among the toughest ones is parenting. The two primary options for LGBT couples who wish to be parents are surrogacy and adoption. Adoption is a better, inexpensive […]