Heavy duty truck used for towing on the road

3 Reasons LED Lights are Ideal for Your Tow Truck

May 10, 2018

Emergency vehicles should be visible to both pedestrians and other motorists on the road. Emergency lights and sirens serve the purpose to warn others to be alert to a situation and act accordingly. Today, LED […]

Worker in a water treatment facility

Categories of Clarifier Designs

February 7, 2018

Clarification is one of the widely used and oldest methods of wastewater treatment, according to Ashton Tucker Water Treatment. Clarifiers, also called sedimentation tanks, in wastewater treatment work on a principle of gravity. Heavy suspended […]

laser cutting

Laser Cutting Technology: A Cut Above the Rest

January 31, 2018

Laser technology has made industrial cutting and engraving fast and cost-effective. It also comes with numerous benefits over the conventional methods of cutting. According to AP Lazer, a laser technology expert, here are some benefits […]

Water treatment plant

3Rs: Environmental Instrument for Water Conservation

September 16, 2017

Who says the global environmental protection program — reducing, reusing and recycling (3Rs) — is limited to solid wastes? With the imminent threat of water scarcity, there has been a heightened call for drought solution […]

No Picture

Different Types of Press Tools

June 28, 2017

You’ll usually need a press tool when you want to change the shape of an object or produce components through hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical presses. However, not all press tools are compatible with all sorts […]

Presentation about Automation

Robotic Process Automation: The Future of Business Processing

May 19, 2017

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software is geared towards the exclusion of unnecessarily burdensome tasks from the office workflow. RPA is programmed to accomplish repetitive tasks normally done by employees, thus reducing work clutter and optimising output in […]

samsung galaxy s phone

Samsung Reveals Screen-tastic Galaxy S8

April 1, 2017

From the quite-literal ashes of the Note 7, Samsung seeks to redeem its charred image with the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+. We attended Samsung’s launch event in New York City to get a feel […]