Contractors in Wellington Hire Temporary Fences for These Reasons

It does not matter whether you are building a new property or renovating an existing one; you need to put the area out of bound. Doing this is a safety measure and prevents the entry of unauthorised people in the construction area. The easiest and fastest way to place a demarcating structure is to hire temporary fences.

Moreover, it is a state requirement in Wellington that you put up a temporary fence around any construction area. You can hire these fences to reduce costs.

But, have you paused to think about the importance of these temporary fences? Below are three ways you will benefit from using them:

Privacy During Construction

Most panel and post driven fences are available in heights of 6’ and 8’. These fences have a privacy screen that obscures any viewing of the construction. Whether your community allows privacy during construction or not, a fence that has a privacy screen is a great way to keep your project under cover until it is time to show it off to the world.

Opportunity to Put Up Signage

Both commercial and residential developers want to advertise their upcoming project to potential clients. The advertisements showcase the upcoming or ongoing project, with an estimate of the duration and completion. With a temporary chain fence, you can easily put up a banner or metal signage with your advertisement on it. Many contractors in Wellington hire a temporary fence for this reason.

Setting Boundaries

During construction, it is common for materials to spill and get to the other properties, and this may compromise good relations with your neighbour. Setting a temporary fence maintains order in the construction area and avoids such undesirable occurrences.

Many people often overlook the idea of hiring temporary fences and see it as a waste of money. But it is until you appreciate the significance of temporary fences that you will consider hiring them as a responsibility that comes with your upcoming construction project.