Creative Uses for Industrial Tents

Tents are not just for sleepovers. Bigger, industrial size tents can be used for different purposes, and no, they aren’t just for ‘backstage’ access either. When decorated appropriately, tents can be the main feature of an activity or event.

Here are some examples:


The idea of glam combined with camping may seem like a strange concept, but it’s becoming quite popular as a birthday theme or way to unwind while staying active. The idea is thatinside large industrial tents, you will get all the pampering you want. There could be mani-pedi stations and makeover stations for the females.

Some glamping sites are also designed for mother-daughter combinations, which leave some room for children-only areas and mother-friendly zones, as well as bonding areas for the pair.

Wedding Reception

There is a resurgence of formal weddings, but they often come with a twist. For your wedding, the twist could be the kind of venue you choose. A tent reception gives the wedding a laid-back feel, while the decor could still give it that formal vibe. Serve platters of your favourite fine dining courses and have a live band ready. Adorn the interiors with fairy lights instead of chandeliers. Use rose gold and dusty pink as accents. Your wedding reception will be one glorious mix of old-world and modern charm.


Though construction is not exactly a glam way to use a tent, it can still show just how versatile a tent can be. Aside from being the designated storage space for a construction area, a tent can also be the makeshift resting area for your workers. Here, they can have mattresses prepared for whoever is weary, granted it is their break from work.

Tents are useful, but more than that, they are versatile. There are endless ways of using them creatively.