Critical Elements of Web Design for Brand Positioning

web designers planning for a web design

Your brand packages all your characteristics, associations and experience into one abstract construct. It is a vital part of your marketing efforts as it wins customers and helps you maintain their loyalty. Strategic positioning of your brand is hence essential.

One of the areas that can help enhance your brand position is your website. After hiring a company offering website design services in Melbourne, you will be asked to choose some key elements of your design. Here are some elements that will affect your brand’s position.


Colour is not just important for aesthetics, but it also conveys various emotions and subconscious associations to characteristics and objects. Do some research on the effects of your chosen colours on what you aim your brand to represent. You should also note how different cultures have different associations with specific colours. Select the appropriate tone or hue that suits your message to your target audience.


Making your brand memorable is a significant part of brand positioning. Consistency in your web design helps people remember your brand. Use consistent typography, visuals, and colours to maintain a uniform brand image. When you change your typography, visuals and hues only confuse your audience and shifts focus away from your brand.

Value Proposition

Visitors use the first few seconds on your site to decide if it worth their time. Use these few seconds to provide a concise and clear value proposition. This is a short statement positioned on a prominent part of your page, such as beside your logo. It explains the benefit your visitors can gain if they keep using your service.

Branding is not just a reserve of big corporations. Small businesses and personal websites should also have a strong brand to make a mark. Your site is an excellent platform to build your brand. Choose and use the above elements wisely in your design so that you will be the number one choice for your clients.