Different Types of Press Tools

Sheet of metal on press toolYou’ll usually need a press tool when you want to change the shape of an object or produce components through hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical presses. However, not all press tools are compatible with all sorts of materials. Moreover, press tools are classified into various categories – mechanism, function, structure and controllability.

To learn what kind of tool you’ll need, here’s a quick overview of some of the press tools sold in the market:

1. Blanking Tool

This tool is used for “blanking”, or the act of cutting flat shapes from sheet metal. It cuts the outer profile of a metal object in a single stroke.

2. Piercing Tool

Piercing tools are used for creating evenly shaped holes through a sheet metal, leather and other materials. It employs a shearing action to cut holes and perform die cutting.

3. Cut Off Tool

This tool is for cutting a wide strip of material into a length of your choice in a single path, which is similar to how a blanking tool works.

4. Parting Off Tool

Parting tools operate just like cut off tools, the only difference being the path that the cut follows. Unlike cut off tools, parting tools allow for cutting along two paths at the same time.

5. Shaving Tool

Shaving tools can remove the extra piece of material around the edges of a blanked piercing or stampings. Shaving is typically used for watch and clock parts.

6. Bending Tool

Considered to be one of the most important press tools bending tools can apply one or more straight bends to stampings.

Selecting the Right Press Tool

If you’re interested in one of the press tools above or you need help from experts on which press tool can do the job for you, you may consult with press tools companies, where you can also get dependable advice on assessing the quality of the press tool you’re planning to pick.