Essential List of Equipment for Pulling Out Weeds in the Yard

gardening toolsIn Utah, where yard weed control is taken seriously, home gardeners must maintain a toolbox of equipment for physical removal of weeds. These plants are a nuisance, and in order to protect your lawns and gardens, you must invest in the right tools. This would be beneficial to you and your landscaping contractor.

Greenside Landscaping cites some of the gardening or landscaping tools you need at home.

The long-handled garden hoe

This efficient and precise tool is indispensable. Every serious gardener must have one because it gets a lot of work done for a short period. The long-handled garden hoe is ideal for yards where plants are far apart. This is the best tool for weeds growing between crops in a cultivated ground. They can handle unwanted plants with shallow roots well enough.

Other types of hoes

While the long-handled hoe is already a great tool to own, there are other types of hoes worth considering. This may be the hardest part of the selection process – picking the right hoe, but if you pay attention, you will find what you are looking for. The Dutch, stirrup, or scuffle hoe are ideal for large areas, and they cut the weeds when pushed forward.

Meanwhile, the draw or warren hoe works in the opposite direction – pulling toward the user. The oscillating or hula hoe has a stirrup head containing a double-edged blade. This piece of equipment allows cutting of weeds in both directions.

Garden weeders

There are other weeding tools you will need to rid your yard of destructive plants once and for all. The Cape Cod weeder works best for crowded gardens, where weeds grow around plants. If you have plenty of dandelions to deal with, invest in a fishtail weeder designed specifically for deep roots with its long shaft.

For weeds growing between concrete seams and on pathways, look for a paving weeder that can reach easily into cracks. If you are into modern applications, check out the flame weeder, which works like a mini-propane blowtorch.

These common weeding tools can be very handy when it is time to maintain the yard and garden. Bring this list when you shop for garden supplies.