For Fashion Bloggers: Tips for Taking Exquisite Photos

Well-dressed woman carrying a shopping bag

There are millions of fashion blogs out there, seeking the attention of the same audience. It is, therefore, essential that you constantly work on improving your site. While it is said that content is king, you need more than this to stand out in fashion blogging.

Quality visuals make your blog unique thus attracting readers and keeping them engrossed for long. Polishing up your photography skills will make editing and fashion photo retouching services easier, as well. As a result, you will accomplish the desired end product without much hassle.

Below are photography tips to help you take captivating images:

Location is important

Unlike product photos that concentrate on features, fashion photos require context. You can only acquire this by choosing the right location. While it wouldn’t make much sense to shoot outdoor wear on a red carpet, doing this inside a nature park would be suitable. Taking photos in appropriate locations will add a touch of professionalism, reality, and diversity. Choose a location that adds meaning to your posts.

Use a neutral background

Your outfit should not contrast with your background. Doing so will make the image look like you’re competing with the surroundings. When doing studio shoots, a white backdrop should work fine, unless the outfit is also white. White backdrops also have the advantage of fitting well in different online themes.

Make use of natural lighting

Lighting is an essential aspect of photography. Learn to play around with different light settings. If you have no lighting equipment, utilize natural lighting. Shoot during the golden hour for amazing photos. Also, use indirect light to minimize harsh shadows.

Humanize your products

Tailor your blog photos to impress human beings, not just search engines. Optimize them to look as natural and welcoming right from the shooting process. Avoid posting pictures of fashion products placed on surfaces. People love to imagine what they would look like in an item. If you want to display a necklace, do so by having someone wear it and then take a photo.

Using the above tips for your blog will increase participation and response rate from your readers. It will also increase social shares, thus help you reach a larger audience.