For Sanitary and Janitorial Equipment and Supplies, Governments are a Crucial Market

Mop bucket on cleaning in process and worker background

A study revealed that governments are the primary buyers of sanitation, cleaning and janitorial products. This category consists of industrial supplies online, chemicals, paper or plastics, accessories and power equipment. The supplier sales of these items to federal, municipal, state and county government agencies summed to around USD 2.02 billion.

The Source of Revenue

Of the overall U.S. Market, the mentioned sales for these government agencies were 8.4 percent. Meanwhile, they separated classes for sales to public transit, stadiums, government healthcare and educational institutions and they excluded government sales total. They got their estimations from the study entitled “Report on 2014 Sanitary Supply Distributor Sales” by ISSA, which is a cleaning industry trade group.

The Freedonia Group also disclosed a janitorial market report that also displays substantial government purchase of janitorial items. The most recent Freedonia Research called “Janitorial Equipment & Supplies, Industry Study 3311” was published last August 2015. Freedonia is a global industry market research company based in Cleveland.

The Demand

The U.S. demand for janitorial supplies and equipment was forecasted to grow by 2.2 percent each year through 2019 where it would accumulate $7.1 billion revenue. They reveal that this will continue the recovery that started in the latter part of 2009 until 2014. The study also records the large restrained demand for automated floor cleaning equipment that will encourage market developments.

Based on analysts at Freedonia, they predict automated floor cleaning equipment will receive the quickest and biggest advances as it continues to recuperate from its lengthy decline. They added that the sales of specialized products and items utilized on hard surface floors would mainly profit as janitorial budgets grow.

This Freedonia study included government agencies in the institutional category. Meanwhile, other government agencies comprised in the institutional category are prisons, museums, medical or healthcare establishments, libraries and educational institutions. Moreover, labs sponsored by the government are classified in the “Other” category.