Fun and Exciting Activities to Do with the Family in Albuquerque

Family riding a roller coaster

The city of Albuquerque, NM offers a lot of family-friendly activities and attractions. Whether you are planning to have fun indoors or outdoors, the city has something in store for you.

Here are some of the highly-recommended fun family activities in Albuquerque, as well as the exciting places that you can try with your kids:

Cliff’s Amusement Park

Cliff’s Amusement Park is the only amusement and outdoor water park located in the heart of Albuquerque. They offer unlimited rides and all day passes to customers of all ages. New Mexico residents love their attractions, and you’re sure to have a blast at the park as well. Go all out with your kids for a full day of rides and slides at the water park.

Albuquerque Aquarium

The city of Albuquerque is situated along Rio Grande. Thus, you can expect the exhibits in the aquarium to have something to do with the great river. Rio Grande is home to a wide range of plants and sea creatures. At the aquarium, you can stand face to face with stingrays, barracudas, and bamboo sharks, among many others.

Balloon Museum

At the museum, your kids can experience a virtual balloon gondola ride, and take a walk back in time to witness the history of ballooning. Also featured are actual balloons, and instruments like aeronautic radios and altimeters. You will also learn a lot about ballooning as a form of science.

Every fall, Albuquerque holds the International Balloon Fiesta, and it is one event that your kids will definitely not want to miss.

Explora Science Center

A hands-on type of science museum, Explora allows guests to interact with the displays. Your kids will have a grand time exploring the various exhibits, and discovering things like how to change the flow of a river. They will also learn how to make animated mini movies, and how to create giant bubbles. Riding on a bicycle suspended on high wire is one activity they will never forget. Everything science is at Explora, and kids, regardless of age, can have fun, play, and learn.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

The center takes you on a journey into the world of Indian Pueblos – 19 of them to be precise. The museum exhibits depict glimpses of the past. Various crafts and art work are on display. You will also see various dances, musical instruments, and rotating artistic exhibits. Sometimes bread baking demonstrations are done using the old-fashioned horno oven.

These are only a few of the places to visit and fun activities to do with the family. You will have fun discovering more as you get to explore the city.