Hacks that Empower Seniors to Travel More

a man in a wheelchair roaming in a street with a woman

Your golden years can still be considered your most exciting and eye-opening decade yet. As a senior, you’re no longer tethered by limited vacation days at work and obligations at home. They say age is nothing but a number so open your mind up to visiting destinations you thought are beyond your reach. Here are some senior travel hacks to help you reach your travel goals.

Know Your Airport Assistance Options

Airports can be daunting and overwhelming even for the young and fit so don’t be shy about asking for assistance for navigating your way around the airport. Airports have crew and wheelchairs ready to assist seniors upon request. If you prefer a trusted friend or family member to take you through up to the gate, explore if the airport offers an Escort Pass, a pass similar to a boarding pass that lets a companion inside the airport to assist you right before you board the plane. For even more assistance in the aircraft and next airport, seniors can also travel under the unaccompanied minor program.

Use Mobility Aids

Admittedly travelling involves more walking than your typical day. Even if you don’t typically require mobility tools, you may still benefit from these devices when the going gets rough during your trip. There’s nothing more fun than scooting through the airports and attractions leaving the rest behind catching their breaths. You can even use a portable mobility scooter that can be taken aboard cruise ships which folds away inconspicuously in tighter spaces.

Keep Plans Flexible, Free and Easy

Travelling and being away from home, exciting as it may be stressful with so many details to keep in mind. Don’t add to your stress by planning a hectic trip itinerary. Keep things flexible so you can adjust according to your energy levels. Avoid pushing yourself to your physical limits by incorporating several downtimes to allow you to rest or take things slow.

Hitting your travel goals isn’t exclusive to travel savvy millennials only. Seniors too can see and enjoy what the world can offer. Try these smart travel hacks to empower you to see more of the world.