Healthier, Straighter Teeth

a businesswoman with a conifedent smileBetter-looking teeth and improved oral hygiene are two of the main reasons people want to optimise the position of their teeth.

At contemporary dental practices in Scotland, like Park Orthodontics in Glasgow, braces come in a variety of styles that bring impressive results in relatively short time frames. Whether it’s a misaligned bite, prominent front teeth, or a crooked smile that makes the patient wish for dental repositioning, their treatment will be highly customised for efficiency and comfort.

The advantages of braces in Glasgow

The dental team will work to a precisely-crafted treatment plan, using modern dental appliances made from contemporary materials. Braces and aligners are carefully fitted at the start of treatment, and progress is closely monitored to ensure everything stays on track.

With treatments such as Six Month Smiles and Invisalign, the patient’s braces or aligners will be made of transparent plastic. This offers a discreet treatment, reducing the potential social embarrassment that often deters patients from seeking braces in Glasgow. With Invisalign, the appliance can be removed from the mouth when the patient needs to clean their teeth or eat a meal.

Once the teeth are straighter, they’ll be easier to keep clean, because there’ll be fewer awkward spaces in the mouth for food particles and bacteria to hide in. Thus, the overall risk of gum disease and tooth decay is reduced.

A properly-aligned bite will mean less strain is put on the jaw during eating, because the teeth come together in more efficient positions. Mealtimes can become a more relaxing experience.

The duration

It still takes time and patience to achieve good results, even though simple tooth realignment treatment will need less time than complex work. Typically, patients wear braces in Glasgow for 12 months or longer. The team will always let the patient know how long treatment will take before it begins. Often, the patient can see a computer-simulated image of how their teeth will look, to help them decide whether to go ahead with treatment. When the braces come off, the patient can enjoy the improvements in dental health and facial appearance for many more years to come.