How a Bonfire Party May Give Some Spark to Your Kid’s Birthday

Father and son bonfire

A bonfire party could be a good option for parents who want to give their child a unique birthday celebration this year.

You can set up a bonfire as the focus of a country-side or Western-style theme, which will not be complete with kids wearing straw cowboy hats and boots. The idea may be enticing, but it needs careful preparations by parents and adults.

Location is Key

The size of an open space outside your home will determine how you could set up a bonfire. If your backyard is too small, you should only choose to create a small one for safety reasons. It doesn’t have to be as large as the time when you had them during college. Remember that you are hosting a party for children.

Enlist the help of other adults to supervise children during the occasion, particularly when they are around the bonfire. It may also be better to set up some barrier from the fire pit, so children will not encounter any burns or other untoward incidents.

Planning Timeline

Despite your busy schedule, you should set some time to prepare for the event. If you only have seven days to plan it, prioritize the number of invitees that already confirmed their attendance. This will help you know how much food should be in store for the party.

At least two days before your kid’s birthday, create a menu for food and refreshments and buy the needed party supplies. You should have bought your present by this time as well. Those who have dogs or cats should also keep them away from the fire or children with pet allergies.


Planning a bonfire party takes some time and work, but it can pay off by giving your son or daughter a memorable time. Don’t forget to snap photos and record videos.