How Much Should You Spend for a Ski Trip?

Family skiing picture together

The average cost of a ski vacation in Colorado might cost, on average, $5,900 today, which is good for three days on the slopes and four nights of accommodation.

This amount covers the trip for a family of four coming from Chicago so that you could spend more or less depending on the number of people and your location.

Tips for First-Timers

First-time skiers should pay more attention to what they wear on the slopes for health and safety reasons. For instance, choose an Obermeyer men’s ski jacket for your outer layers preferably made from waterproof fabric.

Remember that you need to stay warm and insulated underneath, so choose your base layers either made from wool or synthetic fabric. Wear a helmet and a pair of goggles too. Head injuries are a possibility, and the risk becomes higher for first-timers.

On the other hand, goggles protect your eyes from snow blindness that happens when UV rays bounce off from the snow into your face.

Cost Factors

Travel expenses could already cost more than $1,000, although you could save a lot by opting not to buy plane tickets for your trips. This means skiers should look for a closer destination, as the cost of airfare for four people could be worth almost $800.

Lift tickets also account for a significant part of the budget at nearly $1,500 for two adults and two children. You could save around $700 by not paying for individual lessons, and it’s likely cheaper to rent ski equipment from a provider outside of the ski resort. The analysis didn’t include winter gear for the expenses, but you should still take it into account.

A ski trip is quite expensive, but there are ways to save on costs, especially for winter gear and equipment. How much are you willing to spend on a ski holiday?