How New Homeowners Can Prevent Criminal Invasion

Key in a door lock of a home

Knowing that your new home is monitored by an alarm system from a top security company can help you feel secure. However, for most people, sirens are the last thing they want to hear when it comes to keeping their homes safe. Fortunately, there are simpler ways to prevent intruders from gaining entry into your home:

Invest in High-quality Fencing

Most intruders look for accessible buildings where they can spend the least amount of time. A home that has a secure fence deters them. Upon moving into your new home, consider investing in proper fencing. Currently, a metal panel fence doesn’t cost a fortune, but it does a lot in keeping your family safe.

Rekey All Your Door Locks

While the home seller may assure you that you are the only one who possesses all the keys to your new residence, you should never take any chances. Changing all the keys to your house is a quick and affordable security precaution, so there’s no reason to skip it. If there are electronic locks in the home, change the entry codes as soon as you move in.

Let Everyone Know that You Have a Dog

If you love dogs and can take care of one, then consider keeping one. You don’t need a huge Doberman; even a tiny breed is enough. Criminals are wary of that warning bark. Also, post a warning sign to let everyone that there’s a canine at your home.

Your home’s security system is a top priority when you’ve just moved into a new neighborhood. By doing a few simple things, you can discourage criminals from targeting it.