How to Encourage Your Employees to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

happy and healthy employees

Your employees are your partners in your business. They dedicate their skills, energy and creativity to making your company prosper. Unfortunately, so many times they are so focused on their work that they neglect staying healthy. But there are simple ways you can make it easy for them to adopt a healthy lifestyle even during their work. Here are three suggestions:

Build a cycle shelter

There was a time when driving to work was a symbol of achievement and prestige. Those days are gone, and people are increasingly opting for other healthier ways to get to work. Cycling is becoming a hit in many cities around the world. Why not join in the movement by building one or more cycle shelters in your company’s compound? It would encourage your employees to cycle to work.

Build a gym in the facility

Top companies have a gym onsite to encourage members to become more physically active. If you do not already have one, you may want to note that as one of the projects to do this year. Then hire a trainer to encourage more employees to visit the gym. If building a gym onsite is totally out of the question, then you may offer your employees a discounted membership at a neighbouring gym.

Encourage breaks during work

Sure, you and your employees want to get as much done during the day as possible, but having everyone seated at the desk for hours on end is not the way to accomplish that. Encourage everyone to take short breaks and move around during the day to rest their bodies. This prevents a multitude of health issues associated with sitting for long periods.

Ultimately, both the company and the employees stand to benefit from a culture that encourages a healthy lifestyle. As a leader, it is your duty to lead from the front.