How to Make SEO Work for You

Web Index of Google

With so many different factors that influence one’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), website owners can easily overlook one of the biggest pieces of the ever-evolving SEO (search engine optimization) puzzle: content.

Search engines, particularly the giant ones such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, have and will always love amazing content. They look very kindly to pages boasting of excellent material, which means that they typically give these better rankings in their SERPs.

Content then and now

When it comes to your local SEO campaigns in Utah, it is vital you eliminate from them certain strategies of the past. A perfect example is having pages packed full of keywords or key phrases, even when the content is only lightly to moderately full.

Even when this worked on pages before, you can rest assure they will not work in today’s advanced world of SEO. In fact, lower rankings are the least of your worries when you continue implementing this.

The algorithms that search engines have nowadays can immediately detect such illicit strategies and can penalize or even ban these pages.

Qualities that make a great page

For your website and all its pages to gain better ranking for a certain keyword or key phrase, you need to come up with an excellent page. But what exactly does “excellent” here mean?

Many things can give your pages this characteristic, but the primary one is its relevance to the topic or question initially searched for using the search engine.

In other words, it should provide the information that the searcher initially wanted. For instance, when the user searched for “health insurance,” then the content of your page should talk about health insurance and not car insurance.

One last thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of how long the content is, you need to pack it full with useful and informative details, while also making sure it stays within the primary topic.