Intruder Alert: Common Burglar Entries in Your House

A Home Invader

There are burglars and home intruders who are intelligent, experienced, and sophisticated enough to enter a home, even with all locks in place. This is a terrifying thought for most homeowners. Those types of burglars are fewer, however, than the regular types that are mostly opportunistic.

These types are many. They are the ones who see a possible target, get in, steal something of value, and leave without detection. To protect your home from devious burglars and intruders, know which parts of the home they usually use to enter, and keep those parts secure.

These suggestions may keep most opportunistic burglars at bay, but if you really want to feel and be actually safer, invest in high-quality alarm systems. A Chicago company, such as Alarm-One Security Systems, can install one that alerts security personnel if there is an intrusion.

Front Door

Believe it or not, most home burglaries happen because the front door was open. Many people neglect the importance of locking their front door whenever they are at home or somewhere close, like a store or a neighbor.

Keep your door locked, especially when you are in another part of the house, such as the bedroom, and never leave home without locking it first.


Open or unlocked windows give intruders easy access. Whether it is a living room or a bathroom window, if a person can squeeze through it, it is best to keep it locked. Make sure the locks are solid too. If the lock breaks down on a window, have it fixed immediately.

Back or Secondary Door

The back door is also a favorite among thieves because the back of your home encounters less exposure to neighbors. Even if you have a fence around your property, always make sure the back door is locked when you do not have to use it.

Garage Door

There are homeowners who would park their vehicle in the garage then leave the garage door open for whatever reason. Not only does this expose your car, but it is also an open invitation for intruders to try to gain access to the rest of the house.

It is as easy as locking everything, and you can prevent most burglars from entering your home.