Keep Ants Away From Your Electrical System in 5 Easy Steps

black ants

Some species of ants are attracted to electricity. A colony of ants can ultimately cause the electrical wires in your home to short-circuit, which may induce ignition and cause a fire.

In cases like this, calling an electrical repair company such as Whipple Service Champions is necessary, especially in places like Salt Lake City.

Luckily, we listed all the natural ways to repel these insects from getting into those electrical wires and prevent them from causing any serious damage.

Peppermint spray

Ants hate the aroma of peppermint. One way of preventing them from building a colony in your electrical wires is to spray the electrical boxes, but never the electrical cables.

Keep your house clean

The best way to keep ants from getting inside your home and build a colony in your walls is by ensuring that your house doesn’t have any crumbs lying around. Keep all food covered and clean up right away as soon as you’re done eating.

Even just using a plate when eating crackers is a good way to prevent bread crumbs from falling to the floor.

Use insulation

You may also want to seal or use insulating tape to cover any electrical components that have electrical cables. You may wish to work with an electrician to ensure that you won’t suffocate any appliances.

Consider using poison

Another way of taking care of ants is by placing bait station in areas where you usually see them. It’ll ensure that they’ll take the bait with them and hopefully share it with the rest of the colony.

Never squish them

After setting a pesticide, the ants will now carry the toxic chemical back to their colony. So, squishing them would only prevent the toxin from spreading. Try your best to resist the temptation to crush them.

These are just a few easy steps on how to prevent ants from building a colony in your electrical wiring system. Always remember to call a professional pest control service to ensure that the problem will be treated accordingly to prevent further damage.