Laser Cutting and Marking: A Look at the Processes

Metal Cut using laser

Thanks to laser technology, creating high detailed cuts and high-resolution engravings on nearly any material is possible. While laser marking machine manufacturers can help you with your cutting and engraving needs, it is also important that you understand the basics of laser technology to make the most of your purchase.

Uses of laser cutting

The concept of laser cutting revolves around the use of laser beam to cut a variety of materials like wood, plastics, paper, cardboard and rubber. It is also capable of engraving materials like brick, granite, marble, glass, crystal and dozens of other materials. Laser technology is ideal for nearly any business looking to streamline processes all the while increasing profits and productivity. The bottom line is laser cutting and marking are used in various types of industries that are in need of precision in order to proceed with the next step of their manufacturing process.

Safety guide in laser cutting

Our technicians are trained in laser safety, and we abide by all standard laser safety rules. Our patented design makes our laser systems a Class 4 laser, which means that they require additional safety features to prevent injuries that can be caused from the laser beam.

To prevent injuries a proper understanding of using a laser as a tool is also a must. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has guidelines on the safe use of lasers. It also outlines the presence and responsibilities of a Laser Safety Officer (LSO).

Laser cutting and marking technology will continue to evolve and help bigger sectors in different industries. That is why it is important to understand the process to know how it will help your business.