Possible Career Paths in Criminal Investigation

Criminal detectives at work

Fighting crime as a criminal investigator is not as exciting as being a superhero. However, it is more realistic and achievable. In fact, any high school graduate can become a crime fighter. Of course, it helps if you take a degree or course in criminal justice.

It is even better if you get criminal investigator certification. Some branches of crime investigation are only for people with proven experience and special skills. It also helps you move up the ranks.

Here are some career options to consider for crime investigation.

Police Detective

Most people think of the police when they think of crime investigation. You can become a police officer if you are a high school graduate in most cases. However, you will not actually investigate a crime when you first come in.

It is likely that you will do other things, such as direct traffic, patrol streets, or file paperwork. You usually have to be a detective to investigate crimes and interview witnesses. You can become a detective if you get enough experience and if you get certification from the state.

Crime Scene Investigator

Crime scene investigators (CSIs) are the geeks of law enforcement. They start out as police officers like everyone else. Before they can become CSIs, however, they have to go through specific courses in forensic sciences and get certification.

Their main duty is to collect evidence from the crime scene, from footprints to minute scraps of hair. You need to be very patient with a keen eye. CSIs then bag and tag them, analyze them in the lab, and keep them in a safe location.

Private Eye

Not all crime investigations are done by government agencies. Some people may hire a private investigator (PI) to supplement the efforts of the police in solving a crime. In some cases, a PI will work on behalf of a defendant to prove innocence.

Private investigators do not need formal education to work, but they will need some type of standard certification. They have to prove to their clients that they have the skills and experience to do the job.

Criminal investigator certification can help you in your career. If you want a great career in crime fighting, you need to step up your game. Get a degree or take up courses, and get certification.