Preparing for Day Zero in Australia

water droplet splash

Day Zero is a dreaded concept not only in Cape Town, South Africa. Australian cities are also preparing for the day water runs out. While there is still hope, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to prepare or at least prolong the arrival of this sad day.

Here’s what you can do to save water:

Save Rainwater

A lot of drinkable water can be saved by having a tank that stores the water from the skies. As one of Australia’s favoured rainwater tanks, slimline tanks can be located even in the backyard or on the roof. All you need is a flat surface where the tank can rest undisturbed. Make sure the tank is cleaned and maintained properly, to avoid contaminating the water.

Adopt a Start-Stop Showering Routine

You don’t realise how much water you’re using until you start saving when you shower. With a start-stop routine, you’re only using the bare minimum. Start the water when you begin showering, then stop it while you shampoo. Start the water again to rinse. You’ll save even more by situating buckets around you while you shower, to catch some water that can be used to flush the toilet.

Use Grey Water Wisely

Grey water is not drinkable, but it can be used to flush the toilet or clean the garage. If you know where you can and can’t use grey water, you’ll be saving that fresh water for just the essentials. The water you use to wash clothes can also be reused, so don’t waste it. You can also clean the bathroom before you shower, to use the water you’ve collected before replacing it.

Day Zero is not a concept to take lightly. Do your best to move the date that Australia runs out of water.