Separation Tips: Meeting Your Separation Lawyer for the First Time

a woman consulting with her separation lawyer

Separations are never easy, but they don’t have to be harder than what most people advertise them to be. Here are some tips on what you should do when divorcing:

Find a Lawyer You Can Trust

There are many separation lawyers out there, but recommends hiring the divorce attorney you are comfortable with. You’ll be talking with them about the intimacies of your married life, which is why it’s important to find someone you feel free to confide in. Ask your lawyer how long they’ve been in the practice, how their cases usually turn out, and how they can help with child custody.

Bring Documents with You

Bring in financial documents pertaining to your marriage, such as joint accounts in banks, any insurance coverage you might have as a family, mortgage payments, and other paperwork. Separation means dividing the conjugal assets between the two of you for a clean break. If you bring all these during your first consultation, you’ll find that it will save you both time and money.

Take Notes of What the Lawyer Says

Don’t be shy to whip out a notepad and write down what the lawyer is saying with regard to procedure, waiting time, fees that need to be paid, and other concerns. Chances are you’re feeling emotional at this point and will have a hard time remembering all they told later on. Having a friend with you who will jot down some notes can be helpful as well as a good way to get emotional support.

Verify Information

Don’t take your lawyer’s words for granted. Go online and see whether his statements match up with what your State laws say about divorce and separation. This will help further clarify things for you and give you some questions to ask for your next visit.

Divorce need not be a messy experience. If the separation is amicable, you’ll find that going through the procedure is both quick and not so painless.