Slimline Water Tanks Ideal for Limited Spaces

A suburban rainwater tank in a corner of a house

Narrow tanks offer reliable water storage solutions for small lots and properties. Space is a major issue, especially in urban settings, and the traditional round and wide tanks are not always applicable. You could choose from three types of slimline water tanks that could suit your water storage needs, the aesthetics you want in your property, and the kind of liquid you intend to store.

Multi slim Tanks

These tanks have a capacity of holding between 650 litres and 5,000 litres of water. They are vertical and are often a combination of two or more tanks. Their style and general fabrication are pleasing to the eye, and one also has the option of choosing from a range of colours. The majority of tanks have multiple outlets that could be used to fix your regular water systems.

Slimline Tanks

These are long tanks fabricated in a way that makes them slimmer than the usual tanks. The length substitutes for the lack of a large diameter and a single tank could store between 600 litres and 10,000 litres. You could use such a reservoir in a narrow space and still have the water storage you need. Top manufacturers can provide custom-made designs for property owners to get tanks whose heights and width correctly match the spaces they have.

Razor Slimline Tanks

Razor tanks are ultra slim. They are designed to fit in areas where the typical round rainwater tanks may not fit. They are robust and can serve you for a long time if properly installed and maintained. Many find this type of water tank aesthetically pleasing.

Manufacturers within the poly industry have a lot of tanks to offer. These tanks differ in capacity, strength and design. It is possible to choose a water reservoir whose shades can blend well with the site where you intend to have it installed. There are numerous options available, and you may even choose to order a custom-made slimline tank design.