Woman exercising

Tips on Adhering to Your Fitness Goals

November 4, 2018

You have a habit of joining the gym in January only to drop out in March — most people can relate with this. New commitments can be exciting at first, but naturally, motivation is bound […]

group of friends traveling while holding a map

Become An Effective Travel Leader in Three Ways

October 18, 2018

Since many people want to travel but worry about their funds, companies are eager to offer discounts and packages to attract customers. These packages include lodging, dining deals, and planned itineraries. SUV and sedan rentals […]

a man in a wheelchair roaming in a street with a woman

Hacks that Empower Seniors to Travel More

October 4, 2018

Your golden years can still be considered your most exciting and eye-opening decade yet. As a senior, you’re no longer tethered by limited vacation days at work and obligations at home. They say age is […]