The Australian Waters: Building a Nation of Great Swimmers

Australia is home to a lot of talent in water sports. In fact, the country bagged two gold medals the first time it competed at the Olympics in the year 1900. Frederick Lane was the sole representative at that time, urging the beginning of the country’s long list of historical swimming event wins. These days, the country has only gotten better at honing its athletes’ already admirable skills.

World Class Swimmers

Following the Abu Dhabi FINA World Cup, Swimming Australia announced that six of the country’s best swimmers are set to compete at the 2017 World Championships. Chelsea Gubecka, Kareena Lee and Jack Brazier will take on the 10km open water event while Jarrod Poort, Jack McLoughlin and Kiah Melverton will be competing in the 5km event.

Australia has always been supportive of its swimmers. Swimming Australia holds Open Water swimming programs for high-performance preparations. Moreover, reputable pool companies like Guardian Industries provide quality lap pools for active individuals. The country is proud of the legacy and honour of each win, and it makes sure to support Australia’s growing population of great swimmers fully.

Breaking Records

A new (older) generation of Australia’s swimming record holders has a combined age of 360 years. Ossie Doherty, John-William Steen, Max Van Gelder and John Sheridan are all senior citizens over the age of 85. After Steen’s passing, the three swimmers competed at an Australian Masters competition which will be held in Sydney.

Gelder, the youngest of the team, was 75 when he started his streak of 28 state and national swimming records. Doherty, on the other hand, gets up at 5 every morning to swim laps no matter the weather despite his recent cancer growth removal. The team’s success has garnered enormous praise from Australia’s swimming community, sealing its place in Australia’s history as one of its iconic swimmers.

No matter the age or the decade, swimmers in Australia continue to wow the world with their skill in water sports.