The Basics of Child Support Law

mother and son hugging each other

In 2016, Colorado Springs was in the list of cities where divorce was on the rise. About this time the city had seen its divorce rate increase from 3.95 in 1970 to 13.01 in 2010, a number that amounts to a 233 percent surge.

With its growing number of divorced couples, Colorado Springs’ child support lawyers became in demand as well. If you are half of a divorced couple with children and are currently looking into pursuing a child support agreement with your estranged partner, here’s what you need to know.

What is Child Support Law?

Child support law pertains to the legal responsibility of non-custodial parents to provide financial assistance for child rearing. This legal subject is normally linked to other family law decrees such as divorce, paternity, visitation, separation, and custody.

But although these subjects usually overlap in court settings, they remain mutually independent.

How to Get a Child Support Decree

Getting a child support decree is a pretty straightforward matter, which involves three steps. The first step is establishing paternity. In instances when the alleged father is refuting paternity, genetic testing can be arranged by the child support agency.

The next step is establishing a child support order, whose specific guidelines are state-specific. This step is where the amount of necessary and legal support for a child is determined. The third and final step is enforcing the child support order.

One of the most reliable ways to enact this order is by automatically withholding the legally specified amount from the paycheck of a parent.

Divorce is a messy affair. It’s one of those things anyone would avoid given the privilege of such a choice. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no other way but for married couples to go their separate ways legally.

To lessen the strain involved in this process, it is most recommended that you work with a legal professional with proven and tested aptitude in this matter. Whatever could help you gain a semblance of ease in this trying time, you must take it.