The Growing Demand for Produce in Asia-Pacific Spurs the Need for Digital Solutions

Crops growing in a field

Australia’s agriculture sector should think about investing more in digital technology solutions for more significant production, as demand from Asia-Pacific countries will increase by 2030.

A recent study showed that the industry has the potential to increase its production by $20.3 billion at that time if they consider more investments in digital farming. These solutions include smart water management and incubation technology for the sectors of aquaculture, fishing and forestry.

Digital Trends

The common market in the Asia-Pacific region will take account for the most substantial portion of higher demand for Australian produce. In the next 12 years, the social demographic will represent 65 per cent of the global middle class.

Australia’s proximity to the region serves as an advantage for exporters, while other markets such as the U.S. may find it too expensive and difficult to ship their commodities to Asian countries, particularly in China. While technology already exists for increasing production, Australian farmers should not neglect the importance of produce handling and storage.

Storage Solutions for Exports

Nally bin products are among the different choices for farmers who need to handle produce more carefully. For instance, grain farmers in Western Australia expect a record year of harvest for the spring of 2018. The Grain Industry Association of Western Australia said that production might increase to 15.5 million tonnes.

The previous record happened in 2016, when the state’s farmers produced 16.62 million tonnes. The forecast remains dependent on good spring weather, but it’s essential to plan how to store harvested grain when production reaches the projected volume.

Australian farmers need to be consistent in improving their operations, and this includes the ability to cope with changing trends. As demand grows, expect the level of competition to increase at the same time since many want to capture the most significant market share.