These Landing Page Best Practices Boost Conversion Rate

Landing Page

The landing page is an important part of your search engine optimization and online marketing campaigns because visitors that reach it are looking for specific solutions and answers. Improving this provides you with a competitive advantage and further leads a visitor down the sales funnel.

A Denver-based expert on web design cites the following best practices that allow you to leverage landing pages.

Use a Catchy Headline

David Ogilvy cites that ‘one average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.’ This means that enticing the visitor with the headline is a must it can make or break the entire landing page. Tease visitors and entice them to click by stating some of the benefits of your brand, your best features, and the solution you offer or begin with a question.

Social Proof and Testimonials

You’ll need more than just good copy and layout to entice visitors to choose your brand. In today’s online marketing climate, you’ll need proof that you solved a problem and that you have several satisfied customers. Some of the ways to achieve this are through publishing testimonials and displaying the number of shares, likes, reposts and retweets of your posts, products and services. All of this show a person can trust you with their money. To convince a visitor, show videos of real people talking about your products and services.

Action Copy

Active language elicits action and energizes a reader; this works for websites that want to boost their conversion rates and direct a visitor further down the sales funnel. One of the ways to achieve this is to use direct language and strong verbs that indicate the action you want a person that reads it to take.

These are just a handful of techniques that boost the conversion rate and effectiveness of your landing pages. Implement these to reach your intended audience effectively and convince them to choose your brand.