Tips on Adhering to Your Fitness Goals

Woman exercising

You have a habit of joining the gym in January only to drop out in March — most people can relate with this. New commitments can be exciting at first, but naturally, motivation is bound to wear off once things become tough. To stay faithful to your fitness goals, you need to make sustainable changes.

Setting realistic expectations will also help you adhere to your health fitness goals. If you struggle with keeping up with your fairness goals, keep reading.

1. Set Small Goals in the Beginning

Instead of setting long-term goals, setting mini-goals is an excellent tool to keep yourself motivated. It’s always easier to accomplish smaller goals.

You can also find a way to reward yourself every time you accomplish the mini goal you set when you first joined a fitness training studio in Marblehead, MA. Remember, human beings thrive on motivation and rewards.

2. Share Accountability

Keeping a support system of family, friends or colleagues who have similar exercise goals will help you stay on course. Sharing your goals with these counterparts is bound to increase accountability and help you adhere. Naturally, with any goals in life, human beings perform better when under observation.

3. Write it Down and Measure It

This point is all about setting SMART goals. Fitness resolutions only work if they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. Writing your goals down helps you figure out the step to take in order to accomplish them.

Woman holding an apple4. Learn to Say No

Whether it’s your friend’s birthday cake or some beer sharing with colleagues, you need to learn how to decline politely. Once you’re bombarded with invitations to extra calories, you need to practice some discipline by reminding yourself of your fitness goals.

Gyms record high memberships in January only to lose their members a few months later. If you’ve been hitting the fitness center every January only to drop out in March, increasing accountability, writing down SMART goals and setting mini goals will help you adhere to your fitness goals.