Top 3 Signs You Need to Expand Your Warehouse

Guy checking the order details

When you first started using your warehouse, you knew that at some point you would have to expand it. It is what happens in every growing business. Could it be that the time has come? Are you trying in vain to make do with what you have? If after your best efforts you still notice the following signs in your warehouse, it is time to expand the building.

1. The room can no longer handle additional goods

When there is simply no more space to add more merchandise in your warehouse, then it is obvious that the facility can no longer sustain your growth. Rather than let the warehouse constrict your growth, start looking for ways to add more space to it. Hire a contractor to start construction immediately. Now’s the time to talk to a pallet racking system supplier and get new racks ready too.

2. There is overcrowding in the warehouse

Once you notice that your personnel have to manoeuvre around each other when working in the warehouse, then the building is due for an expansion. Overcrowding will always interfere with efficiency in the workplace, costing you more time to handle both incoming and outgoing materials. An overcrowded warehouse is a safety hazard and will also negatively affect your image.

3. You keep losing revenue

If your warehouse keeps losing revenue as a result of your staff having to work in a squeezed environment, then you need to act promptly. Your warehouse should always make you money. Expanding space will certainly cost you some money, but isn’t that more sensible than having to make do with a warehouse that is bleeding money?

The key to staying successful in business is knowing what you need to do at different seasons in your growth journey. When it becomes clear that you need to add space to your warehouse, taking the prompt action can keep your growth process uninterrupted.