Top Hop Down Under: Australia’s Favorite Brewing Hop

Pouring beer in a glass

Australians might be on the opposite side of the world, but their passion for beer is the same the Americans. Microbreweries have been popping up in the US, and the same holds true for Australia. Driving this surge is an exquisite hop with an exquisite name — Galaxy.

Exponential Growth

The number of breweries in Australia has multiplied by more than ten times compared with 2006. The popularity of craft beers has risen to new heights. In fact, one in ten beers sold in Australia are craft beers — reaching revenue of more than AUD $450 million (US $330 million).

Industry experts believe that in 10 years, craft beer will account for 20 percent of all beer sold in Australia.

Australia’s Own Galaxy

Part of that success is due to the popularity and accessibility of Galaxy hops, notes Hop Havoc. Introduced in 2009, these fruity and aromatic hops have become Australia’s favorite hop.

Galaxy’s popularity has even spread to the US and other countries, and these hops are one of the most sought-after varieties — both for bittering and flavoring.

Exploring the Galaxy in Your Beer

Galaxy has a strong passion fruity character, although its flavor profile can also be peachy or citrusy — depending on how you use them in the brewing process. Galaxy does not have floral, pine, nor spice in its flavor profile — giving it a purely fruity flavor.

You could use these hops for both bittering and flavoring or for just one of those processes to see the subtle flavor changes that would occur. Several breweries use Galaxy, combined with one or two more hops, in producing their popular brands.

Australia might be a continent away, but Galaxy hops have staked their popularity in the US. Galaxy hops are easily accessible and are a great addition to your brewing repertoire. Brew a batch and introduce your friends and patrons to a beer from the land down under.