Top Reasons Steel Remains One of the Leading Materials in Many Industries

Clean steel pipesSteel pipes are used in a wide range of applications, which is why its variety is also extensive. To name a few, there are oil and gas pipes, industrial steel pipes, structural pipes, sewage pipes, and more. Due to the increasing demand, the production level of steel has reached 1.3 billion tons yearly on a worldwide scale.

What makes it so useful and why is it preferred by many industries? Do you have to buy steel pipe resources as new or recycled products just to benefit from it? Wasatch Steel discusses why steel remains one of the leading raw materials in various industries.


Steel doesn’t come cheap. The cost is determined by world market factors and varying degrees of demand by different industries. It is this demand that gives steel varying prices. Some types of steel are cheap, while others are expensive.

What makes steel cost-effective despite the high price is its longevity and versatility. For example, steel is a better building material compared to wood. You don’t have to replace or repair it as often as you would with a structure that’s made of lumber or even hardwood. It’s versatility, on the other hand, makes it a good replacement where wood or concrete is typically used.


Steel has always been synonymous with strength, sturdiness, and durability. By using steel, you know that your facility, building, or product is reliable and can withstand heavy-duty workload.

Steel pipes can also resist natural disasters, such as lightning strikes and hurricanes. It is also non-combustible and doesn’t rot like wood or become susceptible to pests.


Surprisingly, steel is now considered a sustainable material after years of effort to make it environment-friendly. You can even buy recycled steel pipes today. About 80 million tons of steel are recycled annually in North America alone.

Steel pipes continue to be highly in demand because of their sustainability and sturdiness. Steel is a material that’s worth every dollar. Most importantly, it is safe to use, as is does not require any type of chemical treatment before it can be handled.