Top Tips For Formwork Construction Safety

Building construction is probably one of, if not, the most dangerous work places in any industry. With the sheer number of people involved and the proximity to other buildings and populated areas, the dangers of construction must be monitored carefully and competently. One area that often needs professional planning, execution, and supervision is the use of formworks and formwork products from To avoid any untoward incidents, there are a few safety measures that must always be observed.

Formwork can fail because of many possible reasons.

  • The design was not handled and delivered competently.
  • The construction did not follow the models correctly.
  • The on-site team made changes to the design without consulting the original plans first.
  • Formwork giving way due to overloading of concrete during pouring.
  • Formwork is removed before concrete is ready.

So how do you make sure that these problems do not occur on your site?

  • Firstly, your formwork’s designs must be impeccable. It must be drawn by a competent designer considering all factors that could affect its integrity.
  • Compliance with the plans must be to the letter. The plans must be followed thoroughly and to ensure this, a supervisor must be present in every step of the way.
  • During pouring, follow all safety measures such as keeping personnel away from the pouring site. Double check the strength of the formwork and its capacity before starting the pour.
  • Double check all materials used and make sure that they follow industry standards and all quality tests and checks.
  • Observe the pouring to ensure that no early signs of collapse occur.
  • Always follow load limitations during a pour to avoid any overloading accidents.
  • Finally, make sure that before the formwork is removed or stripped, the concrete within has dried and achieved enough strength to stand on its own.

There have been a lot of reported incidents of formwork failures in the recent years. It’s such a shame that most of these accidents could have been prevented by keeping the above tips in mind.