Travelling: Private Airport Transport vs. Car Hire

Time is gold — and this old saying is especially true for travellers.

Whether you are on a holiday or an important business meeting, sticking to your itinerary without the mishaps should be the ultimate goal. And since time is your number one priority, you look for a transportation option that will meet your needs.

There’s always public transport, of course, but it is not always convenient due to fixed drop off points and schedules. The decision ultimately comes down to two things: car hire or a private airport transport.

Let’s see which option is better.

On Getting Lost

Deciding to travel alone with a self-driven car means you’re likely to get lost in the streets even if you have a map or a navigation device. This is especially true if you’re a first time visitor. There is always a chance you head down the wrong direction after misunderstanding the map, or if the navigation device does not recognise your hotel.

A private airport transfer, on the other hand, already includes a driver who knows the locality inside and out. Mona Vale Coaches says to make sure, however, that the driver holds a current accreditation by NSW RMS Driver Authorities.

On Petrol Costs

Petrol is expensive everywhere. With a private car hire, you need to take care of the fuel expenses. Providers would expect you to refill the tank before surrendering the vehicle. The petrol cost depends on the type of car, and it could be just as much as the price of the rental itself. That’s not the case with a private airport transfer. All you need is to pay for the cost of the transfer and the distance covered. 

On Queues

Choosing a private airport transfer lets you avoid long queues as well. The driver is already waiting to take you to your car as soon as you’ve picked up your checked in luggage.

Car hires, on the other hand, are annoying. You don’t only need to find the right desk, but you also need to stand in a queue until you’re seen.

Air travel is already a stressful experience itself, and no one wants to experience the hassle of paying for petrol costs, waiting in long lines, and getting lost. If you really want a seamless trip, a private airport transport is the better option.