Unique Experiences on the Way to Sentosa

You have bought a Sentosa pass; you have the chance to enjoy the various attractions and rides on the island. Now, you have to reach Sentosa to use everything your Sentosa pass – which you can buy from the Sentosa Online Store – can provide.

You have several options to choose from; the list below details how to access and ride each transportation option to Sentosa Island.

On Foot

You can reach Sentosa on foot by using the walkway that connects the island to VivoCity Mall on the mainland. You can brisk walk across the entirety of the walkway in five minutes, although you can take more time.

To access the walkway, head to the waterfront promenade of VivoCity and follow the boardwalk to the walkway.

By Car

You can drive to Sentosa or ride a taxi to the island too. You can hail a cab from anywhere in Singapore, or you can rent a car. Entrance to Sentosa will cost you $2 to $7 per vehicle. When you leave Sentosa, taxis also have additional surcharges.

By Train

Aside from taxis, public transportation to Sentosa includes the MRT and express trains. You can ride the nearest MRT service to your hotel, and head to Harbourfront Station found on the North-East Line. From there, walk to the third floor of VivoCity Mall to purchase express train tickets.

The express train opens at 7 in the morning and closes at 11:45 in the evening.

By Cable Car

You can take the most scenic route to Sentosa by cable car. Head to HarbourFront Station and take Exit B, leading you to the Harbourfront Centre. You can then walk to HarbourFront Tower II where you can ride the cable cars.

Adults have a $29 fee, while children 3 to 12 years old have an $18 payment. The cable cars operate from 8:45 AM to its last boarding at 9:30 PM.

All transportation options offer unique experiences in themselves. You can take your pick to reach Sentosa. The next time you visit, you can take another route for a different experience.