What Are Utah’s Limits for Personal Injury Cases?

a lawyer is talking to a an injured old man

According to Utah’s statutes of limitations, people who want to file personal injury lawsuits have four years from the date of the incident to present their case.

You need to consult a personal injury lawyer in Utah to determine the validity of your case since the state follows a no-fault insurance rule on vehicular accidents. You have to meet certain conditions before you can file a claim against the other party.

The Cost of Legal Counsel

It’s rare for a personal injury claim to reach a court trial. Instead, both parties enter settlement negotiations to avoid a costly legal battle. In Utah, firms like William R. Rawlings & Associates generate their fees according to a contingency agreement.

For instance, plaintiffs who receive a $50,000 compensation for damages may provide at least 30% of that amount as payment to their lawyer. Unless you have different terms in your contract, you will only pay an attorney if you win a settlement claim.

State Deadlines

The length of time for filing a personal injury claim is enough, especially if you have severe injuries that prevent you from taking immediate action. If you suffer from vehicle or property damages, you have three years from the date of the accident to file a case.

Family members have two years to submit a wrongful death claim. The statute applies on the day of the person’s death. The rule might be more complicated if the person dies from their injuries, so it’s essential to have a lawyer to help you navigate the legal process.

When choosing a personal injury lawyer, find someone who specializes in different types of accidents or injuries aside from vehicle-related cases.